Shri Saibaba Garamin Vikas Sanstha Gadchiroli

Mahila Mahavidyalaya Gadchiroli

Affiliated to Gondwana University Gadchiroli & R. T. M. Nagpur University Nagpur
Accredited by NAAC

Our Inspiration
Shri Rameshchandra J. Munghate
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Our Inspiration 

Shri Saibaba Gramin Vikas Sanstha, Gadchiroli Was founded in 1984 by late Shri Rameshchandarji J. Munghate at Gadchiroli Mahila Mahvidyalaya was Established in 10th July 1986 by him with an aim to develop and uplift the Cultural and social life of women, rural population and particularly the Youth of tribal region through education.

About Us

Mahila Mahvidyalaya Gadchiroli affiliated to Nagpur University Was established in 10th July 1986 with the ideal of upliftment of Women of this backward, Naxal infested tribal area Gadchiroli District With deep forest. It was the vision of late Shri Jivanrao Sitaram Patil Munghate, the inspiration of Shri Saibaba Gramin Vikas Sanstha Gadchiroli brought about the foundation of this college it has both arts & Science Junior college  It is single Faculty women college catering to a total of 839+ students.
Mahila Mahavidyalaya Gadchiroli is located at Gadchiroli in M.S. India It has all the facilities for higher studied in pleasant environment.

Completed Projects

Minor Research Project
(History, Geography, Home-Eco, English, Political Sci.,Sociology
Marathi, Economics, & Physical Education)
Gymkhana for girls


Fully Equipped laboratories,
24 Hours surveillance by CCTV Cameras,
24 Hours open access to library,
6978  precious books, Newspaper 08 &  Journals 28 available in library,
Common room for Girls,
Gymkhana for students,
Two water coolers with filters,
27 computer with internet facility through LAN,
Facility of Generator, Xerox, Scanners, Printers etc.

Principal Desk

  The mission of the college is to prepare students to Succeed in the life. Students should maintain discipline Both in mind and character, these student will become Good & useful citizen of this great country who, by Their thought & action will add to moral energy of the Nation. College aims to develop and uplift the cultural & social Life of women, rural population & particularly the Youth of tribal region through education

1 Shri. Saurabh R. Munghate President
2 Shrimati Shalinitai R. Munghate Secretary
3 Adv. S. C. Munghate Member
4 Sau. Minal Rushi Sahani Sanstha Member
5 Dr. S. K. Khangar Sanstha Member
6 - Sanstha Member
7 Smt. P. M. Ghadule Prof. Member
8 Smt. A. M. Lokhande Prof. Member
9 Smt. Prof. Member
10 Shri. M. T. Dhanorkar Non-Teaching Member
11 Principal Dr. Hansa Tomar Member Secretary
College Staff
Sr. No. Name Designation Date of Appointment Subject Qualification Contact No.
1 Dr. Hansa S. Tomar Principal 1st July 1987 Geography M.A. B.Ed. Ph.D 9422150665
2 Smt. Parinita Ghadule Asso. Professor 1st July 1989 Marathi M.A. B.Ed 9423646714
3 Smt. Anita Lokahnde Asstt. Professor 1st July 1992 Phy. Edu. M.A, M.PED 9420511560
4 Dr. Lata G. Sawarkar Asstt. Professor 1st July 1992 Home-Eco. M.H.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. 9422709000
5 Shri. Anil M. Chahande Asstt. Professor 6th Feb. 1996 Library M.lib. M.A. 9422153693
6 Shri. Dnyanesh Bansod Asstt. Professor 2nd Sep. 2013 Poli. Science M.A. SET, B.Ed. 9404822400
7 Smt. Sharu Gaherwar Asstt. Professor 1st July. 1999 Sociology M.A. 9960941602
8 Shri. Promod M. Bodhane Asstt. Professor 29th Dec. 1999 History M.A.,M.Phil 9422152382
9 Shri. Yogesh K. Patil Asstt. Professor 30th April 2009 Geography M.A. M.Phil, B.Ed 9371698350
10 Dr. Pargya V. Tripathi Asstt. Professor 1st Dec. 2009 English M.A. B.Ed. Ph.D 9423065301
11 Shri. Virendra Gadsulwar Asstt. Professor C.H.B English M.A. B,Ed
12 Shri. Dewanand Gordwar Asstt. Professor C.H.B Economics
M.A. B,Ed
13 Shri. Bhurse Asstt. Professor C.H.B Economics M.A. B,Ed, SET
14 Smt. Aglawe Asstt. Professor C.H.B Home-Eco M.A
15 Smt. Burle Asstt. Professor C.H.B Home-Eco M.A
Junior College (Art Section)
Sr. No. Name Designation Date of Appointment Subject Qualification Contact No.
1 Smt. Sandhya. Deshpande Lecturer 15st  July 1986 Economics M.A. B.Ed. M.Phil 9421728623
2 Shri. Prakash. S. Shinde Lecturer 1st July 1991 Geography M.A. B.Ed. 9421732760
3 Smt. Sangita. R. Muley Lecturer 1st Oct.  1991 Home-Eco. M.A. B.Ed. 9421854956
4 Smt. Sunita. V. Salve Lecturer 1st Aug. 1996 Home-Eco. M.A. B.Ed. 9423122934
5 Shri. Manohar.M. Vaidya Lecturer 1st  July. 1996 History M.A. B.Ed. 9422912246
6 Shri. Vilas. N. Parkhi Lecturer 1st July. 1998 English M.A. B.Ed. 9421785067
7 -- Lecturer - Sociology - -
8 Smt. Vidya Kumare Lecturer 8th August 2012 Marathi M.A. B.Ed. 8605831198
9 Shri. Pratap J. Shende Lecturer 8th August 2012 Poli. Science M.A. B.Ed. 9764883083
Junior College (Science Section)
Sr. No. Name Designation Date of Appointment Subject Qualification Contact No.
1 Mr. Sushil Lecturer C.H.B Physics M.Sc. B.Ed
2 Smt. Megha Bhaskarwar Lecturer C.H.B Chemistry M.Sc. B.Ed
3 Mr. M. S. Sellamwar Lecturer C.H.B Biology M.Sc. B.Ed
4 Smt. Ruchita R. Munghate Lecturer C.H.B I.T. M.C.M., B.Ed
5 Mr. Gautam Meshram Lecturer C.H.B Maths M.Sc. B.Ed
6 - Lecturer C.H.B - -
7 - Lecturer C.H.B - -
8 Shri. Pankaj Dhudse Lab. Atten. - Lab. Atten. H.S.S.C(Sci) 9405776906
Sr. No. Name Designation Date of Appointment Qualification Contact No.
1 Shri. Ranjan Teppalwar O.S 18th  July 1986 H.S.S.C 9421732066
2 Shri. Devanand Gedam Head Clerk 11th July. 1993 B.Sc 8408015548
3 Shri. Sunil M. Dagmawar Sr. Clerk 1st Nov. 1994 B.Com 9423621407
4 Shri. L.S. Kasarlawar Jr. Clerk 1st July 1991 B.Com 9421730142
5 Shri.  Arvind M. Kharkar Jr. Clerk 17th June 2005 B.A. 7588805611
6 Smt. Lata G. Wailkar Library Att. 4th Aug. 1986 B.A. C.Lib 827571302
7 Shri. M. T. Dhanorkar Peon 13th June 1987 S.S.C 9422151313
8 Shri. R. B. Thakare Peon 14th July. 1986 Non. S.S.C 9422361829
9 Shri. D. M. Harshe Peon 1st July. 1990 Non. S.S.C 9403237855
10 Smt. S. C. Ramteke Peon 29th Dec. 1989 Non. S.S.C 9975231347
Non-Teaching Staff
Mahila Mahavidyalaya Gadchiroli
Internal Quality Assurance Cell
Chairperson Dr. H.S. Tomar
Principal Mahila Mahavidyalaya Gad.
Coordinator Dr. Pragya Tripathi
Members from Management Smt. Shalinitai R. Munghate
Joint Secretary S.S.G.V.S.Gadchiroli
Senior Administrative Officer
Senior Faculty Member
Member from Teaching Staff
Member from Library
Alumni Representative
Non Teaching Staff Member
Shri Ranjan Teppalwar

Smt. P. M Ghadule
Mr. Yogesh K. Patil

Mr. A. M. Chahande
Smt. Veena Jambewar
Mr. Sunil Degamwar
Various Cells

1)Career Guidance And Counseling Cell
Mr. P. M. Bodhane

2)Women Cell
Dr. Lata Sawarkar, Mrs. Sharu N. Gaherwar

3)Community Cell
Mrs. Sharu N. Gaherwar

4)Student Quality Assurance Cell
Mrs. P.M. Ghadule

5)Research Cell
Mr. P. M. Bodhane
Dr. P.V. Tripathi

6)Sandipani Nature Club
Mr. Yogesh Patil

7)Human Rights Cell
President: Dr. Hansa Tomar (Principal)
Co-ordinator:  Mr. N.R. Satpute
                       Mr. P.M. Bodhane

8)Jagruti Cell
Chairperson: Dr. Hansa Tomar (Principal)
Co-ordinator:  Mr. A.M. Chahande
                       Mrs. A.M. Lokhande

9)Students Grievances Redressal Cell
Mrs. P.M. Ghadule

10)Corruption Avoilation Cell
President: Dr. Hansa Tomar (Principal)
Member : 1)
                2) Dr. P.V. Tripathi

11) Placement Cell
Dr. P. V. Tripathi

Various Committees
To enhance Curricular, Co-curricular and extension activities following important committees have been constituted under the chairmanship of hon’ble principal of the college.
Staff council, Timetable, Students feedback, Women cell/Women redressal cell, Purchase, Staff/students redressal cell, Nature club, Right to Information ,IQAC,Students admission, Prospectus, Magzine, NSS, parents meeting/Students attendance/Result analysis, College exam, Research/Seminar/Workshops, Teaching/Non-teaching attendance, Anti-Ragging,  centre, Write-off, Placement/Career councelling,Alumni association, Cultural activities,  Disaster/Strike/Morcha management, Web-site management, Student Aid fund, Parking,  Internal audit and Income tax.

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